An Essay About Keith Floyd

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Keith Floyd A natural cook of admirable skills, his roguish charm and enthusiasm, Keith Floyd is remembered for his famous television series and the way he changed the style of cooking on TV. On his pathway into the culinary business, he has work many different jobs. Although Keith was successful, he had some trouble along the way. Many famous world-class chefs was sadden by his death. Keith Floyd had a significant impact for having the ability to start inspiring others to cook with his words and the way he did things. Early Childhood Born on December 28, 1943, Keith grew up in Somerset, UK, where he was the son of a repairman for the electricity board. He had a very cheerful childhood during which he learned about his mothers great passion for cooking. As a result of being born into working class parents, it was a bit difficult to get him into school, but his parents had to make some sacrifices and managed to pay for him to attend a local public school. Throughout the school years Floyd was both popular and a good rugby player, but at age 16, the lack of money forced him to leave....

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