An Analysis of Love Countering Molestation in Walker’s The Color Purple and Angelou’s I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

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A child, male or female, who have been molested by anyone, affects that child physically and mentally. Anger, depression, self loathing and many more mental problems affects a child who have been sexually abused; this takes away the innocence and childhood of a child. For a child to overcome these struggles, they must receive support from someone or a loved one. For a recovery close to a complete recovery, the child should obtain this support mostly from their family. The novel The Color Purple by Alice Walker entails letters written to God from Celie of her life and struggles from a little below the age of 14 into adulthood. On the other hand the novel I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou is an autobiography of her and her brother's life from a very young age and the struggles she faced to her late teenage years trying to fully understand who she is. Both novels have a main similarity in their main characters receiving care and compassion for the pain they received, which helped them to overcome it and be better, and also surpass these trials. Celie on the other hand received this from only a few people, her sister Nettie and Shrug Avery, which helped her eventually to gain the strength to face her struggles, but it took a long while before she reached there. In contrast Marguerite received the love and care in some form from most persons she knew growing up, which helped her to regain most of her childhood and to regain back who she was as a child.
Marguerite despite her setback, had a childhood before the incident, unlike Celie who was never given the chance of one. To begin, Celie’s childhood was very eventful and filled with responsibilities only adults should have. Celie had become the main caretaker of her famil...

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...les that were similar or contrasting to each other. Celie was denied her childhood unlike Marguerite who had it all along, but both lost their courage. Other similarities were in who they were attracted to, and how the naively cared for their perpetrators who did them wrong. In the end both regained their integrity and stood up against their perpetrators but marguerite regaining back her childhood made each unique. Therefore many children who have been molested could regain their childhood. It may not be fully because in some way they still will not regain many things. However, this would give them some sort of chance to forget about what had happened.

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