An Analysis Of Suicide Note By Janice Mirikitani

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Suicide Note Analysis In 1987, Janice Mirikitani wrote and published a poem titled Suicide Note. The speaker of the poem, a female, Asian American college student who commits suicide after receiving slightly-less-than-perfect grades, gives repeated apologies to her parents and tells them exactly how she feels in a suicide note - one most probably addressed to them. In the poem, Mirikitani conveys a sad and somber mood while implementing an extended metaphor to compare the speaker to a bird. “How many notes written…” (Mirikitani 1-2). This opening line of Mirikitani’s poem introduces many different questions and ideas one may have about the poem and also introduces the metaphor that will be used throughout the poem. When reading the first line, one may ask the questions: How many notes has the speaker written?, Has she thought of attempting suicide before?, Has she tried writing a suicide note before…show more content…
She believes they would rather have a son: “If only I were a son, shoulders broad / as the sunset threading through pine, / I would see the light in my mother’s / eyes, or the golden pride reflected / in my father’s dream” (Mirikitani 10-14). While some would be led to believe that a parent would be happy with their child regardless of gender, it is known that in Asian culture men are put on a higher platform than most women, so instead of this being all in the speaker’s head, there is a high probability that there is some truth to the thoughts the speaker possesses. Not only do the parents wish they had a son rather than a daughter according to the poem, but the speaker also makes it seem as though the parents put a lot of pressure on her to make good grades. This is another part of Asian culture that most know to be very important to them. The speaker offers up multiple apologies to her parents for not working hard enough in college even though she was trying her very
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