An Analysis Of Student And Money In Their Own Words By Clare Connaughton

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Who needs financial assistant? Financial assistant are for the students who can truly understand and define why they need it. In the article “Student and Money, in Their Own Words” by Clare Connaughton, she makes use of rhetorical devices in order to persuade the reader that she need financial assistant when applying to university. Three rhetorical devices are successfully used in her essay, including foil, voice, and metaphor. Yes, Clare Connaughton is eligible for the financial assistant. First of all, Connaughton uses the rhetorical device, foil, throughout the essay. Foil is when the writer introduces the opposite view which contracts and enhances the importance of the main view. Connaughton uses personal memories to talk about her childhood…show more content…
Writers usually use metaphor to link ideas to the ones that readers relate to in order to fully understand the writer’s expressions. Furthermore, it also adds a few characteristic to the whole essay. For instance, when Connaughton was describing about how her clothes were from the drift store, she shouts, “it annoyed me to no end” (Connaughton, 1). Connaughton compares the feelings of her going to the drift store as to a no end. No end typically stands for something that is infinity and has no solution. As a child, she believed wearing clothes bought from the drift store does not match with her friends’ clothes. Therefore, her friends may notice the difference and laugh at her. In addition, she said, “My mom also never conveyed me to gravity of our economic situation” (Connaughton, 1) Connaughton are expresses how her mother always keep a secret on their financial problems. In contrast to how gravity is a realistic force that applies to everyone on earth, Connaughton’s mother did not want to let Connaughton to struggle on making money. Giving her a head ache free environment to grow up, her mother wants Connaughton to live like other normal middle-class kid. These hyperboles used in the essay successfully add more emotions into the story that she was telling to the

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