Poverty: A Critical Analysis Of Homeless And Lars Eighner

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Poverty has been looked at from two different prospective. You can be in poverty based on either a lack of ambition, or certain circumstances that may have taken place in your life. Anna Quindlen author of Homeless and Lars Eighner author of On Dumpster Diving are both located on the circumstance side of the spectrum. To be on the circumstance side of the spectrum you may have encountered a tragic event in your lifetime, for example the loss of a job. To be placed on the lack of ambition side of the spectrum, you have all the tools to be successful; however, you may be procrastinating or you just don’t care enough. I believe that the people who are in poverty are there because of certain circumstances. Poverty affects many people on a daily basis and Anna Quindlen and lars Eighner bring to light some of poverties harsh …show more content…

Eighner describes was on how to identify the good foods versus the bad foods in dumpsters. “Eating safely from the dumpsters involves three principles: using the sense of common sense to evaluate the condition of the found materials, knowing the dumpsters of a given area and checking them regularly, and seeking ways to answer the question “Why was this discarded?” (Eighner 647).” Eighner also discusses some of the things he dislikes, for instance can scroungers. Can scroungers make a mess of everything in their way, they will pass up a good pair of shoes, to where they are destroyed (680). There are other things you have to take into consideration when you are dumpster diving Another thing Eighner was particular about was peoples personal trash. People in homes or apartments do not produce enough useful items to homeless (680); therefore, Eighner tries to avoid them as much as possible. Dumpster diving you can take as you please, and how much you desire; yet Eighner sums his story up to take what is

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  • Explains that poverty is based on a lack of ambition or certain circumstances. anna quindlen and lars eighner bring to light some of poverties harsh realities.
  • Analyzes anna quindlen's story on the homeless, and how she found out more about being homeless than expected. a home is more than just a place to sleep at night, eat family meals, or hang out with family and friends.
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