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In Amy Tan’s essay, “Mother Tongue”, She explains her views on “standard English” and “nonstandard English.” Tan says that standard English is important, but she also believes that nonstandard English can be vivid and essential in creating a connection within a family. Tan also states that nonstandard English is part of our individual cultures, and is necessary to have within our society. I agree with Tan because building a connection with the ones you love is meaningful; and nonstandard languages help shape the way you see and express things. One reason I agree with Tan is because the usage of a “mother tongue” forms a connection with the ones we love and creates a language of intimacy. It creates a feeling of comfort that one grew …show more content…

In Tan’s essay she indicates that her mother’s Chinese language is what helped shape her to notice, to understand, and to learn how the world works. For example, she learned that people could easily try to take advantage of others who can not speak the standard English language. She also learned that labels are given as soon as someone opens their mouth. Tan expresses the way her mother taught her and that was the way she understood things as a child and also as an adult. My mother’s Spanish language has also shaped me in order to understand things about the world. For example, I lived and grew up with my parents my entire life and their words influenced me in certain ways that made me who I am today. They gave me self confidence, a political identity, and my own beliefs. My mother always said “hechale ganas” meaning try your best and “ve con dios” meaning walk with God. It lead me to express things in my self confidence to one day help me become successful, to help me find my political identity in believing that every culture and community deserves equal rights, and my beliefs that I can one day become more faithful with God. My parents are the ones who made me who I am and If we spoke just standard English I would have a different perception and understanding of the

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  • Opines that amy tan's essay, "mother tongue," explains her views on standard english and nonstandard english. she agrees with tan because building a connection with the ones you love is meaningful.
  • Agrees with tan's view that the use of a "mother tongue" creates an intimacy and comfort that one grew up with their entire life.
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