Amy Tan Mother Tongue Summary

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In “Mother Tongue”, Amy Tan characterizes her mother as a person who is a smart person. Even though she speaks the English which people consider as “broken”, she still can understand what people say almost perfectly. She speaks “broken” English, but it is clear and easy to understand. In my opinion, it is very impressive that she can still manage business with her English. Due to her mother’s broken English, the author was embarrassed when she was young. Her thought change due to the incident in New York. A check from stockbroker was supposed to be sent to her, but it did not come even though it was two weeks late. The author and her mother went to New York to speak with the manager. Even though her English was limited, she still confronted

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how amy tan characterizes her mother in "mother tongue". even though she speaks "broken" english, she can understand what people say almost perfectly.
  • Narrates how was embarrassed when she was young due to her mother's broken english. she confronted the manager in new york, even though her english was limited.
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