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Ever since Amy Poehler was a little girl, she loved being the center of attention. Amy was born on September 16, 1971, in Newton, Massachusetts. Amy’s parents knew from the start she wasn’t going to want a normal career. I got all of my interesting facts from Amy Poehler by Justine Ciovacco. At the age of five, Amy and her family moved to Burlington, Massachusetts (12). According to Amy’s parents, she was always feisty, confident, and a natural “activity nerd” who loved being with her friends. When Amy was ten, with the help of her strong confidence, she was Dorothy in her play The Wizard of Oz at Wildwood Elementary School. Amy recalls that role as when she first learned of improvisational acting. Carol Burnett was one of Amy’s biggest inspirations. During Amy’s senior year, she played the role of Princess Winnifred for Once Upon a Mattress for her school (16). This was exciting for Amy because Burnett played the role of Princess Winnifred on Broadway. Amy enjoyed everything about being in a play. “She also loved the frantic energy that went with the performance-rushing costume changes, playing to a live audience, feeling stressed, and last-minute changes. For the first time, she thought about someday being an actress” (16-17). This is when she first thought of one day becoming an actress. Amy’s first job was at the age of sixteen. She was a junior secretary for a podiatrist’s office. For the summer, Amy became a waitress at Chadwick’s (14). “After graduating from high school, Poehler became a communications major at Boston College” says Justine Ciovacco (18). The college had a group called My Mother’s Fleabag, they put on performances of improvisational comedy, according to Ciovacco (20). They made jokes, everyone was included,... ... middle of paper ... ... job. Amy has received many awards, she has four Emmy nominations and three Golden Globes nomination for Parks and Recreation. “Poehler had earned that 2014 Golden Globe” (Ciovacco 75). Amy was awarded a Golden Globe for best actress in 2014. Amy Poehler is a talented woman who has always wanted to be on stage. She was in multiple plays growing up and that led her to find improv. She worked hard and made it on Saturday Night Live with her good friend Tina Fey, was the main role in the sitcom Parks and Recreation. Amy has many nominations for her talented work. I’ve always loved Amy Poehler and I’ve always thought she was so funny. After researching her I’ve realized how much more I like her. She is very hard working and determined and I find that those be great characteristics. Work Cited Ciovacco, Justine. Amy Poehler. Rosen Publishing, 2016.

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