America’s Love Affair with Pizza

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Whether or not Americans ever agree on what variety of pizza crust is best, thick or thin, round or square, hand-thrown or rolled, one thing is sure: America’s long-term love affair with pizza remains as saucy as ever with no breakup in sight. In fact, the National Restaurant Association estimates a whopping 3 billion pizzas are sold in the U.S. each year representing $32+ billion annually in revenue. Now thatsa-lotta-pizza! Determining what ignited America’s love affair with pizza is not an exact science, but it’s likely the love affair commenced much like any love affair – with the courtship. Beginning in the 1940s, America’s taste for pizza was ushered in as World War II servicemen stationed in Italy were returning home with cravings for pizza (a tasty replacement for their overseas rations). Upon return of American servicemen to the United States, pizza take-out was available through neighborhood Italian bakeries. Savvy pizza makers wooed American families to their shops with pleasing and aromatic scents of herbs, garlic, and fresh-baked breads. The tantalizing, wholesome aromas permeated neighborhood streets and lured Americans to pizzerias by way of their senses. Once enticed to visit the shop, Americans were further romanced by handsome shopkeepers stationed strategically behind plate glass windows through which they entertained Americans by touting their impressive pizza-tossing skills. Families congregated outside to watch in amazement as elastic, saucer-shaped dough was hurled high into the air, turbulently spinning, landing atop the artisan’s fist, still spinning wildly, and tossed again until perfectly stretched dough was formed, topped with tangy sauce, spices, and cheese and shuttled by paddle into the ... ... middle of paper ... ... affair with pizza. New dessert varieties are made with cookie crusts topped with smooth, creamy chocolate sauces and sprinkled with candy-coated chocolate pieces, nuts, and coconut. For the fruit-loving pizza-lovers, there are pizza varieties based with cookie crusts and topped with cream cheese, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, and fruit syrups. Today, as reported by the National Restaurant Association, more than 61,000 pizza parlors across the United States are fanning the fires to keep the flame alive that was kindled in American hearts over 6 decades ago. Pizzerias reaffirm their commitment to America’s love affair with pizza as they renew not only their vows but their pizza offerings in order to continually satisfy ravenous Americans who consume 350 slices of pizza each second (statistics reported by Now, that’s amore!

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