Americans Should Have Guns

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Many people think that banning guns entirely would solve all the gun related crimes in America. It will not. Many of the guns used for illegal activities are not obtained through the lawful way. The gun manufactures do not keep their merchandise under any true security. Many people also claim that guns have saved them from assaults because the gun makes for a great deterrent. Guns that are used lawfully are not only used for protection, people also use them as a means of entertainment or for food. This does not mean that everyone should just get a gun if they wish to, though. Obviously, people will use them for the wrong reasons.

The easiest way to get a gun cheap is illegally, so why would banning guns outright stop the problem? These guns can be obtained very easily. Twenty-five percent of Los Angles high-schoolers say they could easily get a gun for less than fifty dollars (Hot Guns). If these teenagers can get these guns so easily without a permit how easy would a real full time criminal have to try to obtain a firearm?

Not only can this information explain how easy firearms are to obtain, the criminals themselves are boasting about how easy it was to come to posses the firearm. In fact fifty-five percent claimed that their weapon was easy to obtain (Hot Guns). According to Special Agent Daryl McCarary, “It’s easier, in some cases, to buy a gun illegally than a drink of alcohol or marijuana (Hot Guns).” Since criminals are confessing how easy it is to get a gun we know now that there is more to the story than just irresponsible licensed gun dealers. Investigators must then look elsewhere for a trail of guns that “seems to com form nowhere (Hot Guns).”

These “ghost trails” have many probable sources. Most o...

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...gresti). There was also an idea for a “smart gun”. These guns would only fire for certain, predetermined users. Lots of money has been given to various gun manufactures to develop this safety feature. This does seem like a very good idea but it would and has cost lots of money and it can easily be removed (Fabsik). The ideas for an ID lock gun and a background are very good, but must be improved. The Brady bill would probably be much more affective if the program was automated and the ID lock guns need much improvement.

Now, it is extremely easy for criminals to get guns at too cheap of prices, but if this problem could be fixed, guns would not have such a bad reputation. People would see them as a piece of armor, not a spear. And the many people who use them in their daily lives to entertain themselves would not be automatically thought of as criminal.
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