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The American Red Cross was created in 1881 by Clara Barton with the help of a few of her friends. Their first service, occurring only a few months after its establishment, was natural disaster relief for Michigan residents affected by a devastating forest fire (“Red Cross Timeline”, n.d.). Moreover, the Red Cross is widely known for the relief that it provides in times of disaster, but it also contributes other public service acts that aid public health and safety in various countries. In times of war, the American Red Cross remains neutral to aid victims of the war and supply help to veterans and active members of the military. In fact, it was because of the United States military that the Red Cross began to collect blood for soldiers …show more content…

Today, the Red Cross offers numerous domestic and international services that are not limited to support amid tragedy. For instance, the organization saves millions of lives outside the country through health initiatives that provide clean water, vaccinations, and preventative measure for future crises (“International Services”, n.d.). In the U.S., the Red Cross offers various emergency training programs as well as health education programs (“A Brief History of the American Red Cross”, n.d.). Altogether, the American Red Cross aids millions of people around the world through its support …show more content…

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