American Frontier Research Paper

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The American frontier is strongly eminent from the European frontier. And yet, as one studies the history of the American frontier, the Europeans played a ‘key’ role in settlement. When the Europeans entered the belt of the Atlantic Ocean, and stepped onto the sandy shores of the American coast, one wonders. How did they transform into an American, so different in contrast from the demanding, harsh environment of Europe? They brought the European ‘germ’ with them, and as years moved on, it developed into the American germ-full of independence and a stubborn resolve. However, they did transform into Americans, and the transformation was rapid. An industrious man in Europe would find himself in the middle of the wilderness to rely on whatever it gave him. Deerskin would become his clothing. A train for transportation would evolve into a birch canoe. A stone house would develop into a wooden dwelling. A man is stripped of anything that is European and is changed into a new product resulting in an American. …show more content…

In a certain sense, these persons were surrounded by people of the same origin. However, as they continued to move west, they changed as they moved further from Europe. In the beginning, the frontier was the Atlantic coast. But as the population grew, there was a need for more resources. As men carved through the unchartered lands of the continent, ‘go west’ became a saying to many. So with that, Pennsylvania became the frontier, then Ohio. As soon as the Cumberland Gap was mapped out, families soared across the mainland to live

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