American Dream Essay

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Poor in the great land called America! No one should be poor in this so called land of America. America the land of free and the home of the brave! Living the American dream, now I wonder what that really means. Is it that it’s only a dream for most? When you see the homeless and working families struggle what dream is that? I am pretty sure the homeless did not see poverty coming their way. Those families that struggle to put food on the table are they living the American dream? So, I wish someone would give clarity to the word dream. See, for the homeless there is no hope. For struggling families there is always fear of losing what they already have. People say we need more jobs and this may be true however the fact of the matter is how…show more content…
This is not always the case however, there are those homeless who made the choice to live on the streets because it is easier not having to live up to the standards of this American dream. They don’t worry about taxes and rent. They just live from day to day on whatever is given to them. No matter the reason no one is ever exempted from being homeless or moving down to the working poor status. We live in a world that may have high hopes but utilizes false dreams. You have people who will donate food and build shelters for 3rd world countries and won’t even look twice at the ones who are in need in their own backyard. I believe all in need should be helped to get on their feet. With the abandoned houses could it be used to house those in need? Sure we have habitat for humanity however, there are stiff requirements to receive housing and once acquired people still need to be able to afford the taxes and manage the utilities. Section 8 housing shell out millions of dollars to help those in need. Some which help support the working poor to survive, others just don’t qualify for making 5 to 10 dollars over the limit. Welfare is supposed to be a temporary fix. Somehow there are those who have been on welfare nearly all their lives. So what’s wrong with this picture? Is America enabling the poor and the working poor? There really is not a quick fix to this because we are talking about decades of these troubles. I know one thing America loves statistics to show how inadequate they are in helping people not to live a comfortable life or at less a half decent
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