American Born Chinese in ABC by Gene Yang

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People always seem to be changing themselves because they want the approval of others and are worried what others think of them. They aren't happy about who they are, maybe its looks, or maybe its race that they are concerned about, either way people try to change who they are. In ABC, the author Yang reveals many common stereotypes about chinese people and the struggle they might have in fitting in. Chin-kee one of the main characters is very stereotypical and impacts Danny and Jin’s life greatly. Jin Wang the main character faces some problems fitting in because of his race and the stereotypes associated with it and changes himself in order to fit in.

Chin-Kee is loud, obnoxious, and can't speak properly due to his chinese accent. He is very stereotypical of a Chinese person coming to America. He visits his cousin Jin Wang and Chin-Kee is just trying to fit in but embarrasses him everywhere he goes. Chin-Kee speaks very stereotypically because of his accent and small knowledge of english. When he enters the house he is loud and annoying. His luggage is chinese take out containers and he blurts out,”Harro Amellica”to his cousin (48). The stereotype that all Chinese people eat Chinese food is portrayed here through the Chinese take out luggage. Another stereotype is the way he speaks, people think all chinese people have a speech problem and don't know how to speak properly. Chin-kee just wants to fit in with his cousin, and doesn't know what normal means. While his cousin is also trying to just fit in, Chin-kee makes this hard for him becuase he embarasses him wherever he goes. When the two eat lunch at school they receive many weird glares from other people as Chin-kee’s food is weird and nothing they would normally eat....

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...ltures so much that he transformed from a Chinese American boy into a full American guy. All the stereotypes about his race caused him to want to change. The author is telling us that we need to be more accepting of new things and people. That we need to stay true to ourselves even if we don't like who we are.

Chin-kee tries very hard to be friends with his cousin and to fit in. He is always embarrassing his cousin and his race. Jin Wang, being American born Chinese has a hard time fitting in because of all the stereotypes about him and his race. The author is revealing that people will always have stereotypes and be racist, its just human nature. People do this because they are insecure about themselves so they fun of someone else to make themselves feel better. Its hard for people to People try to change who they are but need to stay true to themselves.

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