America Remain The World's Beacon Of Success By Tim Roemer Summary

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The essay titled America Remain the World’s Beacon of Success by Tim Roemer discusses the positive position America placed as a leader in many of its endeavors in the fields of technology, sciences, and healthcare. In Roemer’s opinion, America regarded upon by other countries as the litmus test comparing their success. Roemer enumerated the many achievements and discoveries America accomplished as new country at only 700 years old. Now the question remains, will the success of America continue to be sustainable? I believe it will be, and I agree with Roemer’s opinion despite the internal issues the country face on a regular basis. After all, success is a daily repeated effort in small sum. In my many travels outside America, I stood out like a sore thumb once I began speaking English. The foreigners I conversed with gave me double take stare mixed with amusement. When I asked what it was they find amusing, most of them says, “You’re American.” With pride and no hesitation, I nod my head yes. It is an instinctive reaction of patriotism that I consider myself an American when the question comes up. It is only when I am outside the country I realized the weight as an American on foreign land. People from around the globe are…show more content…
Although, the country’s success is now gauge by opportunist expecting more opportunities, yet do not give back in return. The focus should be on how much America has accomplished and continues to accomplish. The potential is never-ending with new innovations and discoveries churn out into the world from America is vast most specially in the field of technology and sciences. With the history of being a tenacious country in the pocket, Tim Roemer’s perception of America’s as the world beacon of success is on point, despite the many issues the country face currently and will face in the future. America remains a state united as one and this is the America that is seen by the world as the beacon of

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