America Must Be Critical And Selective When Hiring Teachers

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As Malcolm Gladwell expresses, America must be critical and selective when hiring teachers. By hiring a seemingly good candidate, it is inconclusive if he or she will fit the standards of an adequate teacher. In Gladwell’s article, “Most Likely To Succeed,” he reiterates which traits and actions an advanced teacher should employ, compared to a below average teacher. A candidate may fit the job requirements, but may lack an important skill once they are hired, such as using effective communication skills to teach students in a positive manner. Even if a student is bright enough to do well in a class, they may not reach their full potential due to being taught by a poor teacher. Evidently, this is an inconvenience to students and creates an issue in America. Unfortunately, both mediocre teachers and exceptional teachers are paid almost equal salaries, when below average teachers should get below average salaries. By setting higher standards for teachers, America will retain better and more fulfilling teachers. Teachers undoubtedly have one of the most important jobs in America, but is not treated as one in America. When employers do not take the critical time to hire the most unparalleled teachers, it seems as if teachers do not set high in importance. There are still many mediocre teachers hired around the world, which almost wastes the time of students. As Gladwell invoked, teachers may have the basic skills to be proficient teachers; however, only some fit the smallest, most essential skills. It seems employers do not hire teachers wisely, and it’s just luck that a perceived excellent teacher proves to be just that. For example, Gladwell interpreted a high school math teacher as being a superstar in the classroom. This teacher ... ... middle of paper ... ...are hiring is the right choice. If teachers are judged by not only the basic requirements met, but also their interpersonal skills and how well they are able to teach in a positive manner, there will hopefully be less mediocre teachers hired. In the same way, both an advanced teacher and an average teacher are paid the same wages, which creates a flaw in education. Even more, there should not be average teachers in the workforce if all teachers are paid the same. Though this harms the advanced teachers, who deserve more than they earn, it also harms the students, as they are taught at a lower level by the inadequate teachers. Gladwell mentions these flaws in his article, but he also explains the traits good teachers should have, which brings a strive forward in this issue. Because of this, it is clear America must be more selective and strict when hiring teacher.

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