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Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia that affects the brain. There is no cure for it but many treatments. Alzheimer’s is fatal and there are few stages of dementia. It is the 6th leading cause of death, more than 5 million Americans have it, and 15,5 million caregivers gave around 17.7 billion hours of unpaid care that cost around $220 billion in 2013. In my family, my grandmother who is 86 years old has very early stages of Alzheimer’s. She started having symptoms when she was 81. My grandfather took most of the care of her but as he got ill my aunt Kathy took over. When my grandfather got ill and had to be in 24 hour care, we all agree to put my grandmother in assisted living care 10 minutes from one of my aunt’s house. The normal symptoms of early Alzheimer’s is loss of memory, decision-making, behavior, language, and personality. My grandmother has short term memory but her long term is still good. She would ask what was for dinner every hour and we would remind her. We would sometimes test her and question her back to see if she can try to remember. Another problem she has is that she forgets she needs to go to the bathroom so she wears adult dippers to help keep her clean. She might get stubborn when we push her to go to the bathroom but we trick by saying that we need to go. Every few hours one of us would take her to the bathroom so she didn’t have to rely on the adult dippers. She would call me by my cousin’s name almost every time I see her, so I would remind her my name and it would take her awhile to realize that I’m not my cousin. Another problem my grandmother has that she would forget what the plans were for the day so every other hour we would get questioned about it. While my grandfather was ill he had to be pu... ... middle of paper ... ...ere personally and felt it was great place for my grandmother to stay. Kathy said she feels more comfortable and relieved to know that there are people she knows working there. My grandmother has decent size apartment that is equipped with metal handles to help her use the bathroom or shower. I really liked about it all that she still had some independence while living there by enjoying the company of others through special activities, meals, or social gatherings. They have 24 hour medical care with once a day a nurse checking up on her. The big plus my aunt told me is that they focus on memory, the staff members are specially trained to care for those who have memory loss and work with them to meet individual’s capabilities. When I visited my grandmother I asked her myself if she likes it and was meeting new people, which she told me with a cute big smile she did.

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