Alzheimers Disease: The Cause Of Alzheimer's Disease

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I choose to do my topic paper on a subject that is very emotional for me. Which is Alzheimer's disease. I choose this topic because being raised by my grandparents the majority of my life. I developed a close relationship with my grandfather. He and my grandmother adopted my brother and I, and I guess you could say that we had, and still have a close father-daughter bond. I did everything with my grandfather and in my eyes he was the ultimate hero. Growing up, as I got older and as he started aging more he seemed a little different. He was kind of off his balance with processing things in his mind and it bothered me because I didn't know what was going on. About a year before I entered junior high the local news was plastered with people being diagnosed with Alzheimer's. I prayed that wasn't the case with my grandpa. One morning I went to school and my teacher made us learn about Alzheimer's disease, she discussed what it is what it does and that there wasn't a way to prevent it, but researchers were trying to find a way out how. Immediately I was worried for my grandfather and really hoped that he didn't have it. Later that same day after school let out, my grandparents sat me and my younger brother down and told us that my grandfather had Alzheimer's disease. In this paper I would like to discuss what Alzheimer's disease is, the cause of it, symptoms that you can detect, treatment for it, and is there a way today, in 2014, that you can prevent it. After finding out what my grandfather had of course I cried and got really worried for him. He would get mad for no reason in random moments. He wouldn’t remember who I was and he couldn’t recall my name most of the time. He started thinking that I was my mother and she had passed... ... middle of paper ... ...and writing are other symptoms associated with the disease. Those with Alzheimer's may have trouble finding the right words to identify objects, express thoughts, or take part of conversations. Over time the ability to read and write also declines. More symptoms consist of thinking and reasoning, which associates with making judgments and decisions. Planning and performing familiar task, and finally changes in personality and behavior such as depression, social withdrawal, mood swings, distrust in others, irritability and aggressiveness changes in sleeping habits, wandering, loss of in habitations, and delusions. There is no treatment for Alzheimer's itself, but there is treatment for the symptoms such as medications, sensory therapy and alternative medicine. Currently, no cure has been found for Alzheimer's, but researchers are getting closer to finding one.

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