Allegory Of Mccarthyism In 'The Crucible'

Mirror Image There are many examples in history where the evolution of an idea has been recorded throughout writings of the time. Examples include sexism, racial superiority, and ideas involving Geocentrism. However, the word “witch” particularly represents an idea with multiple historic texts mapping out the changes in definition. Originally witch, or ‘wicca’, was a respected term derived from wise one, however with the progression of time, it evolved into becoming the unreasonable fears and prejudices of society incarnated. Initially, the word ‘witch’ had a far more innocent and benevolent meaning. In their African origin, witches were often referred to as healing doctors and sages; the types of people knowledgeable in the healing ability…show more content…
The main idea of manipulation and a person’s agenda masked with false hysteria was fully represented by the character Abigail who decided to accuse John Proctor’s wife The Crucible by Arthur Miller was then created to emphasize this idea and to use the witch trials to mock the public of its irrationality and hysteria during the Red Scare. In other words, Miller use The Crucible as an allegory of McCarthyism for the United States after it blacklisted and accused multiple communists. With its publication, reason fell back through in the majority of society’s ideals. The term ‘witch’ was finally regarded as both evil and good.
However, in more primitive societies, people are still being accused of witchcraft for the very same reason people were being persecuted years ago. For example, a presentation in class explored the topic of parts in Africa where children have been persecuted of being witches. These subjections are almost always a parts of a manipulative person’s plan to get money, as well as to legally execute or ‘get rid’ of hardships in their society. The parents who hire priests to perform exorcisms for an unholy amount of money proves this as an example of a wicked
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