All and all another brick in the wall

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Pink Floyd’s album The Wall influenced a great change in the music industries from the 1980s to today within America. The album released on Nov. 30, 1979, the live concert preformed in 1980 through 1981, and the movie released in 1982 gave the foundation to the 1980’s American music scene to the present music scene. The album The Wall brought back a vibe of psychedelics from the 1960s but gave a twist of hard rock from transitioning electronics to guitars. The concert for The Wall was the first live show to adopt media effects, such as lighting, and props as a main part of a live performance which changed all rock stars’ performances forever. The concert helped to create the most popular genre of the 1980s, glam metal. Pink Floyd literally pushed the edge of what concerts were before with their spectacular visuals. Pink Floyd’s The Wall was a pioneer in producing promotional films for albums or songs with the movie. Making a movie for a album was a new idea of using media to sell one’s music and influenced a great change in what was important visual or lyrics. The album The Wall by Pink Floyd literally helped to create the 1980’s of America which in turn leads to creating today’s music industry of America.

Generally in the Untied States a average teenager growing up in the mid 70’s through the 80’s was shown a span of different genres and cultural changes. Many teenagers were becoming in need of something new for the 1970s was a time of many experimental genres. When interviewing a man who grew up in the 1970s and 1980s, Pink Floyd was a very recognized band. When asked what his thoughts were on the album The Wall he explained how it was a new version of music that amazed him and all his friends. He states “This so ...

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...iety. Pink Floyd movie help to inspire artist to explore different media to express songs. November 30, 1979 would surely be the greatest day or one of the most important in America for it changed and gave the idea to merge media with music. From this merge the idea of product placement and illegal downloading have changed the music business. The profit is now not found in recording but in concerts for musicians. Pink Floyd’s concert help create the typical idea of what a concert needs to keep the audience entertained. The album The Wall by Pink Floyd created the music culture of present day America. This album can be explained it one lyric “All and All just another Brick in the Wall” from the song “The Wall” by Pink Floyd. This literally explains this band, album, concert and movie was just another building block in the creation of Americas’ music industry.

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