All Quiet on the Western Front

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I have read a short story called The Sniper. It is a story about two brothers tried to kill each other without knowing the identities because of a civil war in Ireland. The story has an irony ending that they tried to kill each other desperately, but the one they were trying to kill is their blood brother. Similarly, Paul tried to save his enemy after he has stabbed a sword into the one’s body. The only thing they know is that they were fighting and killing their enemies for the peaceful life. They didn’t even know each other and they has done nothing wrong. Paul was upset when he saw the man’s photo of his family. People were suffering from the war. No one wants the war. “‘ A mountain in Germany cannot offend a mountain in France. Or a river, or a wood, or a field of wheat.’” (Pg 175) Who are they fighting for? Why are they fighting? Soldiers were fighting for themselves, their comrades, and their families. People who have never been to the front would not know the horror of the war. They could be friends if there was no war. The only reason to cause the war is to gain benefits for those people at the top. Both of the stories tell that there is actually no winner. In The Sniper, one person killed his brother. He won, but once he killed his brother, he lost. Likewise, France won in WWI; whereas, they had received so many sadness. The horror of the war threats everybody. The nationalistic elders in the novel pushed the youth into the war. Most of young soldiers joined the war after they graduated from school. The teacher didn’t tell them the truth, and the youth have never thought about how awful the war was. The teacher was expressing an idea that people who don’t volunteer for the war were coward. Young soldiers were givin...

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...haracters died at the end of the novel. Even though the war was just, it could not wake the dead heroes up. Innocent people died in the war. Although some people were evil, human being has no rights to take away others’ lives. War means sadness, pain, sorrow, and death. Paul’s flat tone in the novel shows his numbness. He treated his friends’ death as a common occurrence. Paul knew that he couldn’t let himself being sentimental if he still wanted to be alive. The physical and mental damages of the war made a strong impact on the soldiers who were very young. The sudden death of their friends, comrades, or families were happened frequently. Imagine we are the one whose friend is killed yesterday. We don’t even have time to feel sad for this friend because another friend died today. When this happens several times, we would feel numb about death. War ruined everything.
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