Alcohol Related Accidents

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Alcohol Related Accidents Someone in America dies every twenty-two minutes, because of an alcohol related accident. Most people feel that they will never be part of this statistic, but experts on this subject say that everyone has a forty percent chance of being in an accident with a drunk driver. Drunk driving is a serious problem that the United States, as well as the world, is trying to deal with, because it does not only effect a select few, it effects everyone. Drunk driving amongst high school students is an enormous problem that the United States is trying to cope with. Many programs have come to surface over the past few years, that educate students on this situation. MADD, mothers against drunk driving, is a non profit organization that tries to teach student what and what not to do. MADD was started in 1980 by a women whose daughter was killed in an accident with a drunk driver. It spread like wild fire across the United States and soon grew to an organization with 3,000,000 members. This program has helped many people and though drunk driving accidents still occur, they are doing something. Another organization that is trying to help in the campaign to stop drunk driving is SADD. Students Against Drunk Driving is another non profit organization that is run by teenagers throughout America. It is a program essentially for the prevention of student related accidents cause by alcohol. This program is open to students from grades 9-12. The main focus of this organization is to fight the on-going battle against drunk driving. A person can do many things to protect themselves from an accident involving alcohol. It is taught that no matter what age you are, you should drink responsible. When a group of people go out to a... ... middle of paper ... ...e not only dangering themselves, but the other drivers on the road. There is no safe way to drink and drive. One drink may complicate a person's ability to drive a vehicle. It has been said in some reports that drinking heavily can even impair a person's driving in the morning after they wake up. These two organizations are leading the way in the harsh battle to stop people from drinking and driving. The best way to stop this horrible epidemic is to make people aware and to educate them. These two groups as well as many others are trying to do so. They promote parties on weekends for kids to go to, just so they are not in danger of drunk drivers. Many schools around the country have clubs to try and help prevent drunk driving. Though these groups have not completely stopped alcohol related accidents, if they save one live it is worth all of the trouble in the world.
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