Against Gender Selection

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Sex selection is any practice, technique or intervention intended to increase the likelihood of the conception, gestation and birth of a child of one sex rather than the other (Gender Selection, n.d.). Sex selection is performed in a multiple of methods. These methods create a family balance, but also make the process of childbirth unnatural. There are many risks involved with selecting the gender of children and the effects the mother has to undergo as well as a family agreement, if the processes doesn’t go as planned. Sex selection should only be taken in consideration if there is a medical situation, otherwise the non-medical reasons will become catastrophic and the value of natural life will decease over time. Sex selection methods have elicited heated debate in the medical community for years. Physicians believe it is a great way to balance families, while others believe we are in great danger. The most important part of this argument is the families themselves. Some parents have argued that they have every right to choose the sex of their baby, while others petition that sex selection makes the process of childbirth unnatural. This process is unnatural in many harmful ways not only to the child, but also to the mother. When using the phrase “sex selection” it is generally used referring not to a single practice, but to a variety of practices. The practices are different based on the goal, parents reasoning, and the context in which it is practiced. Although there are differences in the degree to which different varieties of sex selection raise many ethical problems, most sex selection is ethically wrong. Medical and non-medical are the two categories people have for wanting to select the sex of their offspring. On the ... ... middle of paper ... ...t/18/10/2231.short Preimplantation genetic diagnosis - Geraedts - 2009 - Clinical Genetics - Wiley Online Library. (n.d.). Wiley Online Library. Retrieved December 13, 2012, from Pros and Cons: Gender Selection for Your Baby. (n.d.). Squidoo : Welcome to Squidoo. Retrieved December 13, 2012, from Gender Selection-Gender Selection Pros and Cons. (n.d.). Gender Selection-Gender Selection. Retrieved December 10, 2012, from Preconception sex selection for nonâ€medical reasons:a representative survey from Germany . (n.d.). Oxford Journals | Medicine | Human Reproduction. Retrieved December 10, 2012, from
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