African American Civil Rights Movement

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People are marching in the streets, some holding signs, reading slogans that help defend the rights of the discriminated. This happened in both the African American Civil Rights Movement and in the Women’s Liberation movement. Two movements, one cause; to get equal rights. In the African American’s case, they were discriminated against due to their race. They were oppressed by the Jim Crow laws that were molding a unequal lifestyle for the blacks. Women’s Liberation, however, was about women who were forced to stay at home, because that is where people thought they belonged. Women were also granted unfair wages as compared to men. African Americans and Women were both fighting to get equal rights, which creates similarities and differences between the two movements. The causes and reasons behind the movements, however, are very different. Women had been “denied basic rights, trapped in the home [their] entire life and discriminated against in the workplace”( Women wanted a political say and wanted people to look at them the way people would look at men. in 1968, many women even protested the Miss America Beauty Pageant because it made it look that women were only worth their physical beauty. A stereotyped image was not the only thing they fought, “Women also fought for the right to abortion or reproductive rights, as most people called it” ( These were the reason why the Women started the Women’s Liberation. African Americans, however, had different causes. After almost a century after the Emancipation Proclamation, black men are still being treated unfairly. They were being oppresed by the so-called “Jim Crow” laws which “barred them from classrooms and... ... middle of paper ... ...actics are used even today. In July, 2014 a black New York man named Eric Garner was killed during an arrest by N.Y.P.D officers. The court has not charged the police officer with any charges, being similar to the Trial of Emmett Till, even though Eric’s murderer was never indicted. This decision infuriated many, they protested by wearing black tee shirt with the words “I CAN’T BREATHE” printed in white. Many professional basketball players wore that shirt during pre-game warmups. This is important due to the fact that History repeats itself and you have to learn from your mistakes. in 1995, Emmett Till, a 14-year old boy, was murdered in Mississippi. His murders gets no charge for the murder. Now, in 2014, another black man is murdered, Eric’s murderer gets no charge. Now, people are revolting and protesting against the unfair treatment, like they did 100 years ago.
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