Affect of Technology on The Parks and Recreation System

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The creation of the computer and the Internet has significantly furthered and revolutionized Parks and Recreation Districts across the country. Parks and Recreation Management is a profession that has been able to prosper with the Internet and personal computers today. Recreation in the present day is becoming especially popular due to a general decrease in working hours because of the economy. With many people having more free time, more demands are put on the Parks and Recreation districts. Also with the many national, state, and private parks in the United States, it is crucial for the park systems to have a systematic approach to dealing with these new demands. The computer and Internet has become the answer to this problem. The State and National Parks System have constructed a database computer system that makes the registration process more efficient and expeditious than ever before. An employee is now able to effortlessly type in the name of a registrant and the computer neatly and accurately prints out the registration slip in seconds. This new computer system replaces the need for slowly filling out multiple registration slips by hand one at a time. With the utilization of the Internet, campers are now able to reserve a camping site from the convenience of their own homes. The new computer system is also helpful in keeping the files up to date. The computer database automatically revises previously recorded information with every new reservation made by a camper or employee. This improvement in speed and accuracy allows the park rangers more time to enforce laws and regulations. The rangers are now able to be out in the park with the visitors. This permits more personal communication between the park ranger... ... middle of paper ... ... and audio streaming technologies, children in classrooms around the world are capable of taking virtual tours of The Grand Canyon, Sequoia National Park, or Yellowstone Park just to name a few. Window Into Wonderland is an award-winning example of these electronic field trips. These specific e-trips are designed for fifth grade to eighth grade children. They are approximately an hour long and can feature famous voices to narrate as the children watch. New innovative technologies in computer science and graphics have allowed Park and Recreation Districts to high definition display images of some of the more attractive spots in the parks. Computers and the Internet have made it possible for all of these to things to come into being. I think computers have unlocked many minds about the possibilities of going to see the extensive range of parks that are in the Uni
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