Advice for Selecting Single Bathroom Vanities

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Single bathroom vanities offer a way to add a stylish sink to any bathroom without taking up a ton of space. This can be especially important in a small bathroom space where space is a premium commodity. Therefore, it is important to know just what to look for in a single bathroom vanity so you can find one that will last a long time. Wood-Finished Single Bathroom Vanities Wood-finished single bathroom vanities are some of the most stylish bathroom vanities available to homeowners. With a wide range of colors available in the varnishes that wood-finished vanities come in, they are available in a style that is sure to complement any bathroom style. One of the important things to look for when looking at wood-finished single bathroom vanities is to make sure that they are constructed of solid wood. A bathroom vanity sees quite a bit of use and also is exposed to a fair amount of water over its lifetime. Because of the fact that solid wood vanities can withstand repeated exposure to water, they are best suited to high use bathrooms. A thing to avoid with any bathroom vanity is one that is made of particle board. A particle board bathroom vanity is sure to fail over time due to the fact that the boards tend to warp and rot when exposed to water. While these single bathroom vanities may be cheaper than solid wood vanities, they cost more in the long run because they will have to be replaced sooner than a solid wood vanity. Selecting Metal Single Bathroom Vanities Metal frame single bathroom vanities can be some of the most durable vanities a homeowner can buy for their home. Because these vanities are designed to last a lifetime, they will add to the overall value of a home thanks to their long life. In addition... ... middle of paper ... ...u are sure to create a bathroom space that is absolutely fabulous looking. Then your bathroom is certain to become an oasis for relaxation that everyone enjoys and a space that improves the overall ambiance and value of your home. Sources “Toto Lloyd Metal Console Lavatory,” Modern Bathroom “Cambridge 36-inch Single Bathroom Vanity,” Modern Bathroom “Tips for Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanity Size,” Home Renovation Guide “Selecting the Best Bathroom Vanity Furniture,” About Furniture

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