Principles Of Cleaning The Bathroom

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Cleaning the Bathroom I don’t need to tell you that bathrooms get dirty quickly. On second thought, maybe I do, because sometimes I don’t think you notice! Our bathrooms need to get cleaned once a week. These instructions apply regardless of what bathroom you have been assigned to clean. This section describes how to clean three components of the bathroom: • Toilets • Sinks • Showers General principles for cleaning the bathroom There are some general principles that apply when cleaning any aspect of the washroom. Work from top to bottom Gravity is active in the bathrooms as well. If you work from top to bottom, you will capture all the dirt. Isolate the toilet The toilet needs to be cleaned separately from the rest of the washroom. This means…show more content…
But just remember that if you wear rubber gloves to clean the toilet, take them off and clean your hands before cleaning any other part of the bathroom. Commit to quality. Using a dirty bathroom is gross. Using a badly cleaned bathroom isn’t much better. Take time to do a good job on the bathroom. You’ll enjoy the result next time you use it. Bathroom sink and countertop The bathroom sink and the countertop both get cleaned together. Follow these steps: 1. Prepare to clean the sink and countertop by clearing the counter of clutter. 2. Rinse and wring a fresh clean cotton cloth in a bucket of warm water. 3. Wipe the countertop with the cloth to remove any debris. 4. Rinse the cloth thoroughly in a bucket of water. Repeat as many times as necessary. 5. Repeat step two to clean the sink. 6. Spray bathroom cleaner onto the surfaces. Don’t be excessive, but make sure you cover all surfaces that you intend to clean, including the taps. 7. Rinse and wring out your cloth and wipe the counter and sink clean. 8. Rinse and wring your cloth in the bucket of clean, warm water. 9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 as many times as necessary until the sink and the counter look and feel clean. 10. Wipe the surfaces dry with a clean paper…show more content…
But don’t worry, it won’t bite. And as long as you don’t drink the water in the bowl, you are not going to get sick! Follow these steps to clean the toilet properly. 1. Using a separate cloth and fresh pail of water, start by wiping the top of the tank and the flush-handle. Give them both a squirt of bathroom cleaner and wipe them clean. This should happen before you touch the seat, rim or bowl. 2. Once the tank-top and flush handle are clean, begin work on the seat and the lid. Wipe them thoroughly with warm water on all sides. Follow this up with a generous application of bathroom cleaner; followed again by repeated wipes with a cloth that has been well rinsed in warm water. 3. After cleaning the seat and lid, begin work on the toilet bowl. Using the same cycle of wiping with water, application of bathroom cleaner, and rinsing with water, be sure to scrub all parts of the bowl from the rim to the very bottom of the bowl, inside and out. 4. Once the toilet is clean, carefully transport the bucket, rag and gloves downstairs to the laundry room. Dispose of the water down the laundry sink. Rinse the gloves thoroughly under warm water and hang to dry. Place the rag directly in to the washing
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