Advertising Negative Effects On Body Image

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"Teen girls were asked what they would wish for if they had three magic wishes. They could have wished for anything. Their number one wish? To lose weight and keep it off” (Dying to be Barbie). Advertisements are seen on billboards, television, newspapers, and magazines. They affect people’s mentality and the way society looks at each other as a whole and as an individual. In a typical ad, thin women and masculine men are used to enhance or to “better” the visual look of the product. Women shown on advertisements such as printed media are often Photoshopped and many readers are not aware of that. Advertisements affect the daily lives of women. Women are brainwashed to believe that makeup is a must-have and they cannot leave the house without it on. Advertisements have negative effects on body image causing pressure to women, which could lead into eating disorders and low self-esteem. Women back in the 13th century and the early 16th century idealized the body that would be considered overweight…show more content…
Advertising has negative impact on society based on body image because the media shows body image that is unrealistic and impossible to obtain. Many women look up to these images and try to achieve the same body. Some excise excessively and starve their bodies. Since the bodies seen in ads are almost impossible to have, it could lead to depression and hating oneself for their own body. The media are filled with beautiful women with slender bodies and face caked with makeup. Women who usually wear makeup have low-self esteem when they are not wearing it. Advertising has made many people unhappy with their own bodies and made them unable to embrace themselves. “We are all human beings, and we all have insecurities, but it’s about being healthy and happy with yourself… So listen to your body, and treat it like your temple”
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