Dissecting Society's Ignorance towards Violence on Women and Animals

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Violence is an action in which a person causes bodily harm towards someone in order to hurt them or even kill them. The society that we have today seems to disregard the uprising of cruelty towards animal and women, physically or mentally, putting their well beings aside because it does not seem like a problem people want to get their hands on. No consideration is taken towards the two victims, animals and women, who are objectified in the passages, “Animal, Vegetable, Miserable” by Gary Steiner and “Two ways a woman can get hurt: Advertising and Violence” by Jean Kilbourne. Hostile actions will always be a part of women 's lives and animals because they have been victimized earning them a certain label, unimportant. More attention needs to …show more content…

Kilbourne includes various advertisements where the woman is the victim and target. The advertisements and media depicted women being overly sexualized, they promoted or glorified date rape, sex is the most important aspect of a relationship, fetishizes various products, and made men believe these were the correct ways to view or treat women. The audience these advertisements are appealing to are men because media depicts women as always being the victims. Men are lead to believe that they should buy certain products as portrayed in media or advertisements because they will get the attention from the ladies. “The violence, the abuse, is partly the chilling but logical result of the objectification” (Kilbourne 498). When women are so used to seeing themselves as objectified they soon start to believe it. Women become more vulnerable because it shows men that anything is possible with just a spritz of perfume or a certain brand of an alcoholic drink. Industries do not think twice before making an advertisement because they are not the victims. Violence is the main problem that arises due to advertisements. “Women are always available as the targets of aggression and violence, women are inferior to men and thus deserve to be dominated, and women exist to fulfill the needs of men” (Kilbourne 509). As long as industries make money, nothing is off limits to put on advertisements even if it is making someone a victim. No remorse of any sort is shown because as long as money is present nothing else matters to the

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