Adversity and Depression: Brief Personal Story

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Adversity can be found on all faces of earth and in each society inhabiting it. Each individual, or society, faces their respectively great and small misfortunes with different attitudes, preconceptions, and tactics. Though each person faces them on a day-to-day basis, one person’s daily life may be filled with more adversity than the next person’s but because of this they may find each setback much easier to face than the last. The hardships I have faced in my life thus far have at times seemed the most menacing monster one could hope to face; however, after I have overcome them or passed them by I find that in respect to others I know I have faced nothing but the smallest of problems. Unlike others I have not lost anyone close to me, been made to relocate over and over, or been tormented because of belief or being. But even though my life may lack the most stereotypical forms of adversity, one should not infer that I have never been made to feel alone, forgotten, and completely lost. Of all the “small” adversities I have known there is one series that grew on me in the mos...

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