Adventure Therapy (Cooperative and Initiative)

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Adventure therapy involves the combination of physically and psychologically challenging activities, usually conducted in a group setting. This type of practice occurs in outdoors, and in remote natural settings. It explores the unknown in a safe environment through adventure activities. Adventure Therapy involves tasks such as cooperative games, trust activities, problem solving initiatives, high adventure and outdoor pursuits.
• One to one
• Group setting
There are many different qualifications you need when instructing or facilitating in adventure therapy. With these certifications it allows you to work with as many different populations as possible and provide these individuals with the therapy they need. It will allow them to stay safe and feel comfortable in the environment that is present to them. some of these certifications, qualifications and knowledge that are needed include;
• Outdoor Recreation diploma
• First Aid/CPR
• Social skills
• Leadership skills
• Good communication skills
• Therapeutic Recreation certificate/degree
Therapeutic Recreation ties in with Adventure Therapy involving cooperation and initiative tasks because it improves your cognitive and physical functioning. Cooperation and initiative tasks perform therapeutic treatment through experience and action during the participation of these games.
• High Adventure (ropes course, rock climbing/ repelling)
• Trust Activities( high/low ropes, trust fall, mine field)
• Journaling of activities
• Problem Solving Initiatives( helium stick, hot floor is lava, the human knot)
• Cooperative group games (knights, horses,...

... middle of paper ... up and challenge yourself physically and mentally. You can open up your creative side and express your feelings in all ways relating to the tasks you must perform during therapy. Adventure Therapy is a great way to meet new people and increase your self- esteem and self- confidence.

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