Advantages Of The Executive Branch

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Recently there was a terror attack in Brussels, Belgium in which it affected the country and people got scared and paid their attention to their president to secure the country and bring hope back. This current event proves the executive branch is the most power branch in the U.S. government for now and years to come. What makes this branch powerful is the president in which the Constitution charges president with ensuring that laws are faithfully executed, commanding the military, and filling executive and judicial office. Beyond that, Constitution leaves definition of presidency fairly doubtful. If a country is going through a crisis people tend to listen to the president and that make this branch more power than other branches in the U.S.…show more content…
Also, the founders wanted legislative branch to be the most powerful branch. Congress has more enumerated powers. Also, the executive branch has limited amount of terms in office. Despite these weaknesses the executive branch is the most powerful branch of our government. Article II of the constitution states that the executive branch of the government main character would be the president and that he shall be responsible for a handful of tasks such as making sure that the laws are faithfully executed, periodically inform Congress of the "state of the union" and recommend to Congress issues that need attention, responsible for directing American foreign policy, and the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. Also, he has the power to fill, by appointment, offices in the executive branch and to name judges to the Supreme Court. This proves and makes the executive branch the most powerful branch in our U.S.…show more content…
The executive branch has many implied powers such a executive order, executive privilege, and executive agreement. One example would be on how President Obama used an executive order on Immigration when Congress wouldn’t pass a law on immigration. Barack Obama made an executive order allowing 5 million undocumented immigrants to live in America. Also, Presidents have the power of executive privilege which keeps certain information from Congress and Judicial branch. . The first use of executive privilege was in 1792, when Congress asked the Washington administration information regarding the failure of a U.S. military expedition. Congress specifically requested White House records and testimony from presidential staff familiar with the event. Washington convened his Cabinet to discuss whether a president possessed the authority to deny information to
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