Advantages Of A Gap Year Essay

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Every year thousands of students throughout the world spend their last year of high school applying to college to decide what will be the right choice in furthering their education. While a wide variety of students decide to proceed straight into college others would prefer to have a gap year. A gap year is when students take a year off from the school. Students who graduate from high school should take a year off before starting a new chapter in life, therefore the gap year can allow the student to take a break from school, and add excessive time to decide what career to excel in. The student should not take a gap year unless the student is sure of what career to pursue in. A significant amount of people would disagree with having a gap year…show more content…
Paying for college as a student can be difficult especially when one is not on a scholarship or is currently unemployed. If a student chooses to do a gap year, it would be a great opportunity to receive a job and decrease the usage of student loans. Having a job also teaches the student how to be more responsible and independent. Some students who go straight into college cannot handle the pressure and resolve the situation by dropping out of school, which causes them to be in debt with student loans. It can be argued that taking a gap year is just a waste of time and money, but that is not entirely true. Since these students were not forced to go to college as soon as high school ended and realized their love for learning, they tend to be the ones who take more from their classes and the education that they are paying for. Even though the gap year seems like a bad idea in society, to not go to college directly after high school, having a year off has proven…show more content…
Setting goals for school gives a student a reason to work even harder so they will be one step closer to pursuing their dream job. Formulating goals challenge the student’s work ethics and causes them to improve their critical thinking so they can prod away from being lazy. There is more meaning behind the word gap year and it is not a year to be wasted. A person who disagrees might include that students won’t take action and become lazy over the year, causing the student to be behind with their academics. Bad habits would start too abrupt and it will hinder the chance of achieving goals that are set to be
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