Advantages And Disadvantages Of Majoritarian Government

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The United Kingdom is formally called “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.” Government in the United Kingdom is considered to be Parliamentary. Although it is parliamentary, it is also described as being “majoritarian.” Parliament in the UK works a little different than the United States; the people of the U.S. are allowed to elect their president. In the parliamentary system the people elect who will be in the legislature, and the legislature then selects who the next prime minister will be. Then, once the prime minister is selected he choses members of the cabinet. This system creates a quick and easy political decision-making by popular majority. In this essay we will discuss the strengths and limitations the majoritarian government of the UK. One of the strengths of majoritarian government is perhaps that it is the fastest to pass or veto legislation, however there are limitations or weaknesses also like it lacks checks and balances from the House of Lords, and the disadvantage that the smaller parties have when it comes to elections, and not having a set calendar date for elections. One of the pros or strengths to having a parliamentary system is that it’s faster and easier to pass and veto legislation. Both the House of…show more content…
This means that there is no set date as to when elections might begin. This is a disadvantage to the people because they might not realize elections are, for example, a day after tomorrow. These people have busy lives and may not vote upon the candidate in which supports they’re valves or reforms because they may not have had time to have a more educated vote. We also know that the parties get greedy and purposely schedule elections when it feels that they most likely will do well. In the British system, the parliamentary system a party can extend its rule for longer and can use this to the parties’

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