Advantage Testing Advantages And Disadvantages

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Advantage Testing would help me succeed in the competitive environment of college applications due to its help in leveling the playfield between those who can easily afford high level tutoring, and those who would normally be unable to do that, such as myself. Advantage Testing also can help due to the tutor’s reputations of not only understanding the material but understanding the best way to teach it as well. By attending AdvantageTesting’s classes, I’ll be able to devote time and energy towards perfecting my ACT scores instead of keeping up with others, as well as being able to acquire skills and motivation that I wouldn’t be able to get from any practice book. The competitive environment of the college process ensures that every dedicated student takes the advantages they can in order to succeed. However, this proves to put many students ahead of another when it comes to the accessibility of the advantages they can take. For example, during junior year and senior year when the fervor of standardized testing takes over, many turn to tutoring to be more prepared for the ACT or SAT. However, this means that those who can’t as easily afford it are working from a disadvantage due to the fact that their peers have the advantage of tutoring that the people who can’t afford tutoring don’t have. So, AdvantageTesting’s ACT…show more content…
While working in class, I would find that I’m able to keep up with my classmates who are receiving tutoring as well. Not only that, but they would also be able to give me things like confidence in my answers, and discipline while answering, in order to get the best score that I could. I would able to benefit from attending the classes due to the fact that I would be helped in succeeding in a competitive environment, because of opportunities to learn that I would not have otherwise had, as well as the opportunities to learn skills that is hard to find
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