Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler Hitler was born in a small German town, Braunau, at an inn. Hitlers parents had always lived there and were of Bavarian and technically Austrian descent. His father Alois Hitler was a civil servant and had been married three times. Alois was born illegitimate, and for the 1st 39 years of his life went by his mother's last name Schicklgruber until he changed it. His last name Hitler means "one who lives in a hut". Later on in Adolf's life the allies tried to exploit his father's illegitimacy, by saying Adolf's real last name was Schicklgruber. Adolf was born to his father's 3rd wife, Klara Polzl . He had six siblings and he and his younger sister Paula were the only ones to survive to adulthood. Hitler as a child had ambitions to go and be a civil servant of some kind. His great oratorical abilities were even being formed as a child, arguing loudly in the classroom. Adolf was somewhat of a ringleader in his class, and even acknowledges that he was hard to handle as a child. His father failed to realize or encourage his son's abilities. Adolf was given singing lessons at the cloister in his village, and at one time when he was young, thought he should pursue being a priest in adulthood. He then was sent to high school were he was to be taught the liberal arts, so he could grow up to be a civil servant. Adolf no longer wanted to grow up like his father though. He was already becoming interested in warfare at age 11, because he found books on warfare. Adolf had great skill in drawing and painting in school, He even once thought being an artist would be a fit profession for him. His father hated this idea which, created tension between the two. His father beat him regularly, Adolf admitted to his secretary years later. Alois his father died when Adolf was only 13. He wrote that at age 15 he had become a fanatical German nationalist. There were rumors that Adolf himself was one quarter Jewish. The rumor has it that his mother became pregnant while working in a Jewish household. In later years he took great strides to conceal his identity. He had a law made against women working in Jewish households. He also had his father's hometown turned into an artillery practice range, completely destroying the town.