Aditution And Drugs In The Song 'The A Team'

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The song “The A Team”, written by Ed Sheeran tells us the story of a women who is addicted to a cocaine better now as “crack”. Which is a highly addicted drug to most users and it is also a highly expensive street drug. The line “she’s in the class a team” means cocaine which is a class a drug. The music video shows us this beautiful party girl who is pure pressured into doing drugs. As we slowly approach the middle of the video her appearance begins to change. The video still shows us this timid girl but now she’s in the bed with a strange man. Now she’s fallen merciless to this drug and will do anything for another hit. The song begins fast and keeps the same rhyme during the whole song it’s then you see that this is a story and its main…show more content…
“Slowly sinking, wasting crumbling like pastries” was a line used to describe how her appearance will never be the same as it was before, it had two meanings appearance as well as feelings given the fact that she couldn’t break this addiction it also crushed her spirit emotionally. This is a perfect metaphor for given the listeners a view of this women’s face. Ed Sheeran says “The worst things in life come free to us we’re under the upper hand and go mad for a couple grams”. These lines tells us about the violence and dangers women can face when selling their selves for drugs and this for being the reason prostitutes stay prostitutes. Cocaine being the girls choice of drug in “The A Team” The first Verse “White lips pale face breathing in the snowflakes burnt lungs, sour taste. Lights gone days end, struggling to pay rent long nights, strange men” is her white lips and a face breathing in the cocaine she has been smoking. Her lungs are burnt which is giving her a sour…show more content…
The first line directs use to prostuiton as it says, "Loose change ,bank notes is also another line that describes how she used the little money she used to satiifcfe her habits. According to Cornell university every 79% prostuties were sexually abused as a kid or spent there entire life being abused in some other way. With drugs over doses being one This song has parallel stucture as it repeats "angles" over again and again as well as a few metaphors but it 's best job was creating a visiual image of the song. Their defenity were similes that made the song stand out compared to other songs Ed Sheeran has made. The stongest simile in the versce " crumbling like pasteries" " Pale lips, white face" this describes her face after using drugs for so long the simile helps us to visualise what this woman looks like and makes us feel repulsed by her appearance.The parallel structure “white lips, pale face” gives added effect to the song. Because of the different language features it gives the text a lot more feeling and keeps the audience interested. It talks about how men are cruel to angels/women like

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