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Whitney Houston is considered as one of the greatest singers of our generation. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, she holds the record of being the most rewarded female artist of all time. I chose her as my topic, because she represents resiliency and tenacity, despite her troubled experiences with drugs and her personal life. Whitney Houston comes from a family with an amazing, musical pedigree; her mother, Cissy Houston, was a successful back-up singer for Aretha Franklin and Elvis Presley. Dionne Warwick is her first cousin and Aretha Franklin is her godmother. In 1983, Houston was signed to Arista Records and music executive, Clive Davis, became her mentor and helped launch her successful career. Whitney Houston was known as the innocent, girl-next-door, who promoted positivity and love within her professional career. Houston's good-girl image was shattered, when she married R&B bad boy, Bobby Brown in 1992. Towards the late 90's, it was rumored that she was using drugs and she looked very thin. In 2006, Houston divorced Bobby Brown and entered into rehab, to end her addiction to cocaine and other drugs. The world was happy to see her healthy and singing again; everyone thought she had made a full recovery and was ready for her to appear back into the spotlight. Tragically, on February 11, 2012, Whitney Houston was found dead in her Beverly Hills hotel, she was 48 years old. Her mother, Cissy Houston, has written a book about her daughter's life, entitled: Remembering Whitney, which depicts the rise and fall of the tragic singer's life. The purpose of my paper is to evaluate the reasons as to why Whitney Houston began to use drugs and how it played a professional and personal role in her life. I have utilized th... ... middle of paper ... ...erson, that we want to become, whether it is a professional or personal aspect. I feel as if Whitney had a sheltered life and she never had the ability to live a normal life. In turn, she began to lash out at her family and the public, because she could not withhold the standard that everyone expected her to be. For this reason, she indulged in drugs, to release her from the drama and unhappiness in her life. Drugs does not solve the problem, it makes things even worse, because one is focused on numbing themselves from the pain, so that they can still manage their everyday lives. There is nothing wrong with having no inhibitions and just letting go of everything that consumes you. I believe that if Whitney could have established her identity at an early age and freed herself from the pressures of her family and media, that she would have still been alive and happy.

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