Active Noise Control: The Histroy of Noise Cancellation

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INTRO The history of noise cancellation The idea of sound cancellation appeals to many people because of its myriad practical applications. Whether people use this technology for professional and realistic purposes or if they are interested in it because of its futuristic potential, sound cancellation appeals to many. This essay will discuss the wide variety of applications and the benefits and disadvantages of each idea in addition to its reasonableness. To begin, scientists in India are working on using the idea of active noise control in communication devices. Their plan is to use the noise cancellation so that background noise and other outside sounds will be blocked out so that the speaker’s voice will be heard more clearly (Raajan 721). Small things like this are what appeals to most because many people have had the problem of trying to talk on the phone while in a crowed area, but they were not able to carry out their conversation because neither person on the line would be able to hear. These scientists want to use this technology and make it so effective that the micropho...

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