Achilles And Hector Analysis

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Homer's poem the "Iliad" describes a long and brutal war between the Greeks and the Trojans. The leaders of these two armies Achilles and Hector were two great warriors that fought for honor and their people, they were very respected amongst their people and were considered to be heroes. These two characters play a large role in Homer's poem "Iliad" as the whole story revolves around them and their actions. Even though Achilles and Hector are great warriors they differ in the way they treat their families, the way they lead their men into battle, the reasons they fight, and the way they view and act towards the gods.
Hector fights primarily because he feels that he has a responsibility to his city and his family. The city of Troy is particularly important to Hector because his parents are Troy's king and queen and it's his duty to protect them. Hectors devotion to his family is seen from the way he interacts with his wife, Andromache, and his son Skamandrios. Hector’s loving words toward his wife and son show that he is a caring and compassionate man. (Book VI 89-93) Achilles does care for his family, particularly his mother Thetis who he loves a lot, however when she warns him about is destiny to die in this war should he continue to fight, he disregards her warnings (Book IX 128). This is what separates Hector from Achilles, Hector explains to his wife his reasons for returning to battle which are for the greater good while Achilles says should he return home he would lose all of his honor. Achilles doesn't always show his feelings to his loved ones, however when he finds out about the death of his best friend Patroclus he breaks down. “A dark cloud of grief fell upon Achilles as he listened. He filled both hands with dust from...

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...e all the way to the shores, where the Greeks ships were located.
In Homer's poem the "Iliad" Hector and Achilles were two main characters that were considered great warriors in their own rights. They were seen as heroes amongst their people, they were loved and respected. However despite these similarities Hector and Achilles were two very different people. Hector was more of a family man that fought to keep his family and his people safe. He also had a great deal of respect for the gods which is why he was loved by Zeus. Achilles however was very stubborn and fought for glory and hoped to solidify his legacy. He did not respect the gods and was not afraid to confront them, though he did love his mother very much he disregarded her warnings in order to preserve his name and honor. Ultimately these characteristics would lead to the downfall of these great warriors.
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