Abuse of Government Assistance

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Presently, many Americans today who are on government aids, but most of them abuse that help that is giving. Many American families in the United State who apply for welfare; dishonestly apply and use the aid for other uses besides what it is intended for. From personal experience, growing up in Texas with my mother being a single parent, the government assistance was needed. Recently the state of Florida passed a law that would require applicants who are applying for welfare to undergo a drug test. A similar was passed couple of years ago in the state of Michigan, but this law was shot down by the supreme court of the United States stated that it violated the 4th amendment. Public Assistance Drug testing law should have been a federal law years ago because the drug epidemic has been going on for years; government aid was being used to that purpose by some Americans. Public assistance is needed to help individuals with financial difficulties for a temporary time; however, restrictions must be placed on the recipients. States should control benefits, offer diverse assistance, and monitor drug use. There are many states, like Georgia, who want to put a law in place like Florida and Michigan because the abuse of government assistance goes far beyond drugs. Yet there are many support groups that are against this law with going back the 4th amendment. In the United States, there are more than thousands of Americans who do not have the means to support themselves, hence they seek government benefits. Also, many people cannot afford proper insurance. For the Americans who are on public assistance, one of the biggest forms of assistance that the government offers is Medicare. Medicare is one of the many matters that are controversial ... ... middle of paper ... ...the Florida drug testing law was suppressed just after four months by an Orlando federal judge. Millions of people in the United States today are on some type of public assistance. Some Americans are on Medicare, which provides to the people who cannot afford private health insurance and for those 65 or older. Another type of public assistance is TANF, which many families are on; an organization that helps needy families with some grants and guidance provided by the government. Some states are taking all obligatory measurements to make sure that the taxpayers’ money for public assistance is being used properly by those people who actually need the help and not to buy drugs and alcohol. These public restrictions are put in place, so the people who actually need the help to survive and who wish to live their lives with the American dream in mind, may have a chance.

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