The Supreme Court: The Power Of The Supreme Court

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“If the Supreme Court rules a certain way, then it must be law.” Many Americans have this concept of the federal court system; they believe that the Supreme Court has immense power over all the court systems, yet that is far from the truth. In today’s society, the Supreme Court has the highest approval rating compared to all of the other branches of government. Now the question is what actions does the Supreme Court take that affect my life directly, for me to believe it that it has such great power? If the authority of the Supreme Court is studied under a magnify glass, then you will see that it is an abstract concept which derives from the support of the American population. This is the point, us Federalist, are trying to get people to understand.…show more content…
Yates states in Brutus 11, “Every extension of the power of the general legislature, as well as of the judicial powers, will increase the powers of the courts… This power in the judicial, will enable them to mould the government, into almost any shape they please.” The fear is that the Court will begin to stick its hand in legal problems of the state that do not concern them; however, even in present times, there is a strict procedure to how cases get to be heard before the Supreme Court. If a person wants to have their case debated at the level of the Supreme Court, they must first go through all of the state appellate processes and go through their state supreme court or court of last resort. Hamilton explains the importance of procedures with regards to the court system and the importance of the balance between state and federal court system, in Federalist 82, “for not to allow the State courts a right of jurisdiction in such cases, can hardly be considered as the abridgment of a pre-existing authority… that the State courts would have a concurrent jurisdiction in all cases arising under the laws of the Union.” As Federalists, we understand that there must be rules to govern the court system. The fear that the Anti-Federalists have is without bases. The Supreme Court only takes cases that present a constitutional question or a conflict among federal governments, just like it is stated in the
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