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1. Introduction
Absenteeism is a common problem in the motor industry. High absenteeism at Toyota South Africa Motors is probably one of the biggest problems that a manager has to handle on an ongoing basis as it impacts on productivity and staff morale. This could lead to financial losses and if unchecked and it causes an increase in indiscipline. Absenteeism could be an employee's intentional or habitual absence from work. If the cause has been identified and solutions implemented and an employee continues to be absent the only solution would be normal disciplinary procedures. The high rate of absenteeism is at times due to disengagement (lack of commitment to work).
It is generally accepted that a contract of employment is based on an agreement between two parties: an employer and an employee. The employee has an obligation to tender his/her services to the employer (Heads, 2005). If this is done, then the employer is contractually obliged to pay the employee for services rendered. When an employee is absent the employer would record this absence as absenteeism (Heads, 2005, Robins, 1996).
Absenteeism, however, usually has different meanings for employers and employees. From an employer’s perspective absenteeism is a huge problem as it impacts on productivity, puts pressure on those employees who are at work, highlights the health and safety problems in some workplaces, and could lead to loss of revenue. Are all absences bad for an organisation? Robins, (1996) argues that at times absenteeism could be to the advantage of an organisation when an employee’s productivity could be below standard due to fatigue which could have safety implications. In this case we need to consider persons who should be a...

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...e impact of absenteeism on productivity at TSAM assembly line
To give effective recommendations to reduce absenteeism at TSAM assembly line.
(, 2014).

4. Literature review
5. Research methodology
6. Data analysis
7. Timing plan
8. Recommendations
9. Conclusion
10. Bibliography
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