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Pulitzer Prize-winniner and Best-selling author James M. McPherson has concisely written a wonderful brief biography of our sixteenth president, Abraham Lincoln. He has given very compelling and enlightening political life of Abraham Lincoln and also shown his significant contribution to the United States. He purposelly managed to design a short and compact bibliography of our sixteenth president in a simple, readable, and logical manner which revealed some important aspects of his life. Its clear and accurate narration makes this book very attractive and interesting for beginners who wants some overview of Abraham Lincoln's life and also prompt them to read multi-volume bibliography of his legacy and presidency... In the preface, he stated that, "Amid this cascade of information, I believe there is room for a …show more content…

This is what I have tried to do in the following pages."( ) This book Abraham Lincoln reflects some essential and important aspects of Lincoln's life from his childhood to his political career. Mcpherson covered some personal side of Abraham Lincoln which includes his darkened relationships with his father and with his wife. and also his affection for his step- mother. He discussed how his father and other influences initiate him against slavery and make him passionate to abolish this inhuman system, whereas he widely discussed Lincoln's political life: rise in republican party, election in 1860, hardships during presidency, struggle to keep union together during civil war crisis, emancipation proclamation and the presidential election in 1864. He discussed shortly about his assassination in the end in one paragraph. Basically the entire book deals with Lincoln's hatred for slavery and efforts to pursuing Emanicipulation Proclamation to end slavery.. In addition, Mcpherson wonderfully reflected his great works towards human welfare and nation betterment like railroads, taxes, currency related policies, and

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  • Analyzes how james m. mcpherson has written a compelling and enlightening brief biography of our sixteenth president, abraham lincoln. its clear and accurate narration makes this book attractive and interesting for beginners.
  • Analyzes how mcpherson covered lincoln's personal side from his childhood to his political career, including his darkened relationships with his father and wife, and affection for his step-mother.
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