Abortion : The Most Moral And Controversial Areas

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Abortion is one of the most moral and controversial areas that excite different range of reaction in both genders such as self of involvement, interest, outrage, anger and a host of ambiguous feeling. It is a medical process of ending of unwanted pregnancy by the death of human foetus. This method has been known to be one of the oldest and most widely used procedures of birth control that has been accomplished and still practiced all over the world. The process of abortion, through the renowned court case of Roe vs. Wade, became legal in America in 1973. The law of Texas, where Roe was residing as a pregnant and single woman at the time, declared that she wasn’t permitted to get an abortion. Roe ended up winning the case and abortion was then legalised. Beside the fact that the process of abortion has been practiced since 1973, still there is strong battle on whether the abortion must be permitted or not by the people of the American and other countries around the world with different cultures and religions. Generally these people are allocated in two groups; where one call themselves “pro-choice” and the other refer themselves as “pro-life” based on their beliefs and opinions. Being Pro-choice means supporting the woman’s right to make her own decision if she wants to keep the foetus or have an abortion instead without interference of politicians. Whereas Pro-life is against the process of abortion and they believe that the mother has no right on taking the foetus life as it is a creature of its own. People from pro-life have faith in, from the moment of conception the unborn babies are recognized as human being, thus consider abortion as killing the foetus and literally committing a murder which is immoral and not ethical. Alth... ... middle of paper ... ...her and had no choice just to breed her baby can results in many complication later in life. For example, mistreating or even child abusing can ruin his/her future and be a burden for the society. Religious and society point of view on abortion Abortion is one of the very debatable topics in today’s society where most of the time it is ignored or even forgotten which is a very disappointing. Throughout a woman’s life there are stages that she has to make her own decision for a better life and future as well as her health. Abortion is one of the choices that every woman must have access to, without the influence of religion, law and society. There are times in life that a woman based on her situation may see herself in needs of going through abortion procedure whereas other time she either may not be ready to have a child or even doesn’t want to have an abortion.

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