Abortion: Every Woman Has the Right to Choose

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Should abortion be legal? This debate is a strong issue in the U.S. Many people are for it, and many are against it. However, it seems people have extreme viewpoints on the issue. It is either all or nothing. The moderate position on abortion is it should be legal only under certain circumstances. According to the essay "Three positions on abortion" by Thomas Shannon and Nicholas Kockler, the moderate position would limit a consideration on the health of the fetus, risks to the life of mother, rape and incest. It also considered as moral position, or a compromise between the pro-choice movement and pro-life movement. The moderate position accepts both of the pro-choice and pro-life. In Shannon and Kocklers' essay says "This position sees both the fetus and the woman as having rights and entitlements and recognizes that attempts to resolve such conflicts of rights will entail suffering and pain"(82). This means the fetus has a right to life and the mother has a right to absolute control over her body.

I personally disagree with the moderate position on abortion, because the whole discussion is academic. Neither of the two groups is looking for compromise. Otherwise, either legalize abortion or illegalize it. The moderate position accepts the pro-life movement based on the right of the fetus to life. It argues that the fetus is not part of the body of the woman who is carrying it. According to Dr. Zahalsky " a developing embryo from the moment of conception is a genetically distinct entity and is not part of the body of the woman who is carrying it. It is easy to prove that an embryo is genetically distinct from the biologic mother. It is also easy to prove that the embryo itself is not “par...

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...the woman's right to make a decision on her own body. This is the fundamental issue of this debate. Although some pro-life argue that the fetus also has a right to life, I mentioned earlier that abortion is a process to remove the fetus from the mother, not to kill the fetus to terminate the pregnancy. Once the fetus has removed form the mother, he/she is an entity life. The fetus's right is based on him/herself, but not the mother. The mother could have both mental and physical harms to give a birth under some circumstances, such as rape, incest or health related problems. I also explained that the mother has more obligations to her family and society than the value of the fetus. If the mother dies during the birth of baby, then the loss is more than the value of the new life. Form the consequential view, it is not worth that sacrifice the mother to save the fetus.

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