Abolitionism Of Harriet Beecher Stowe

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Before and after the 20's of the nineteenth Century, the abolitionist movement organization began to appear in the American. From 1826 to 1827, 143 slave groups gathered in Baltimore, condemned the slavery of sin. People form the abolition societies of all kinds, published many influential abolitionist publication, published in 1852 by the miserable life of Harriet Beecher Stowe "Uncle Tom's cabin" the black slaves were extremely beautiful description and disclosure, caused widespread repercussions in society, greatly promote the development of the abolition of slavery movement. Harriet Beecher Stowe "Uncle Tom's cabin" is worthy of a sensation in the world of the world From nineteenth Century since 20, abolition, becomes the central issue of public opinion American progress. At that time, many famous USA writers stood on the abolitionist side, and called for the liberation of black slaves. Harriet Beecher Stowe is one of the most distinguished the abolitionist writers, is a representative writer American abolitionist literature. She was born in the priest's house. She was theology school, life basically is spent in the religious atmosphere. Life experiences to make Stowe has gradually become a firm abolitionist.His father is a famous minister Gman Beecher. Childhood as a result of father popular sect of Calvin effect. Youth period due to the impact of their uncle Samuel Ford accepted the liberal beliefs. She likes to read Scott's romantic novels . She visited Kentucky, saw the life of slavery, she is affected by strong anti slavery sentiment father school. This feeling into her novels tone. In 1850, with her husband moved to Maine, where the discussion of anti slavery made her very excited, so spare time to write the novel ... ... middle of paper ... ...necdotes, minutes of the interview content, a total of four parts. The first part is the description of the characters; the second part criticizes the Fugitive Slave Law; the third part introduces the typical experience several slaves, pointing out the necessity to change the southern slavery; the last part is the church stands accused of. "Not about" Uncle Tom's cabin "explanation" cause much reaction. On the historical status of Mrs. Stowe, Kirk Monroe said: "she was not only famous in the world of women is rise above the common herd, come out in front, and in determining the destiny of the people America critical historical moment, her influence than any other people....... Of course, the abolition of slavery is not, can not be a person to be crowned with success thing, it is all business, but the impact, "Uncle Tom's cabin" is the greatest, the most profound."
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