A Vindication Of The Rights Of Women

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In Wollstonecraft’s radical essay, A Vindication of the Rights of Women, she discusses women’s issues including marriage and the right for an education equal to that of a man’s. A part of her argument for equal education is that women should have the right to develop their own form of reason without influence from other sources. The importance of developing reason is so that women will not be overly inclined towards emotionalism and develop superficial ways of thinking (46). Since women are uneducated they, unfortunately, blindly submit to men 's power. This leads to another of Wollstonecraft’s points: that marriage is a form of prostitution (48). Wollstonecraft was mocked in her time, but was later recognized as a founder of modern feminism. I. Solanas, Valerie. “SCUM Manifesto”. The Norton Anthology of Western Literature. Eds. Martin Puncher. 9th ed. Vol. 2. New York: Norton, 2014. 2223-2225. Print. In Solanas ' extreme text SCUM Manifesto, she believed that men should be eliminated in order for the creation of a society that only has females. Solanas had extreme views about how women should act in a male dominated society. One of these views included overthrowing a male based society by women who she referred to as SCUM, Society for Cutting Up Men (2224). In this text, she basically degraded men by saying that they are incapable of mental passion, empathy, or the ability to identify with others thus man was between humans and apes (2223). She went on to explain how men are a biological accident, and therefore they were not needed for reproduction (2223). The basis for her whole text was that women, SCUM, have the power to overthrow men and make them submissive, but not all women were capable of overthrowing man. Women w... ... middle of paper ... ...oughout time are still important in today’s society. It can be said that each wave of feminism is in response to previous waves; therefore the third wave feminism is because of the first and second feminist wave. Anything in history will be subject to repeat itself in the future and that’s true in the roles of women. Third wave feminism introduces new topics of feminism that the other waves did not tough on. Feminist in this wave bring the idea of defying gender stereotypes, and typical hurtful names. Not only are women still fighting for equality but they are fighting in different ways than pervious feminist. Third wave feminist bring a more abrupt stance to feminism with “Slutwalks” and people like Ruby Rose. The most helpful thing third wave feminists can bring to the cause of feminism is the understanding the idea of beauty, choices involving sex and homophobia.
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