A View From the Bridge - Arthur Miller - Catherine's diary

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A view from the bridge- Arthur miller Catherine's diary September 18th 1937 Y' know I was sitting down today and Eddie comes in from work, looked really tired. I had just dressed in my new dress that I bought for my new job and I had done my hair in a different style, it looked really good. I asked him what he thought of it, and do you know what he said? He said the skirt was too short and the heels were too attention drawing. He even told me I'm walking wavy and that he doesn't like the way I have been attracting looks from the people in the shops, I told him they look at every girl that way but this only seemed to infuriate him more. What's up with him these days, he doesn't let me do anything. When's he going to realize that I'm not a little kid anymore? I just want him to approve of me and it makes me so upset when he doesn't, why cant he be like my friends' fathers and let me have more freedom? I'm not saying I don't appreciate him and how hard he's worked and that he took me in and all but sometimes he's just makes me so annoyed. Anyway, he told me that Beatrice's cousins should be arriving today, I'm so excited, and I can't wait. I wonder what they're going to be like. Marco and Rodolfo are their names but that's all I know about them apart from that Marco has kids. You'll never guess what Eddie and Beatrice were arguing about today just after Eddie told Beatrice about her cousins. They argued about where the Beatrice's cousins were going to sleep. I mean can't B just stop moaning at Eddie, he's a good man and she just doesn't appreciate him but they settled it and they made up. I told Eddie about the job, he was so not pleased. He wants me to finish the stenography class. I want to work, I'll be getting paid $50 per week, think of what I could do with that money. It's such a privilege to be chosen out of the whole class, they said I was the best that they saw there so I could still get my certificate at the end of the year, plus there's nothing better than putting what I've learnt into practice. I want Eddie to be happy for me, can't he see that it's impossible to turn the job down, I just can't, for goodness sakes . It's not like I'm going to be working in a bad company, it's
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