A Titanic Survivor's Story

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A Titanic Survivor's Story

Walking up the gangplank I felt nervous… I was one metre away from my

first steps aboard the Titanic. It had been a hard day, having to

leave my friends and family to start a new life. I had had a job offer

in the centre of New York City and it had been a rush to get my place

on the 'Titanic's Maiden Voyage'. I felt heaviness in my heart; not

knowing what was lying ahead of me made me feel anxious and excited.

From the outside the Titanic was a swan, gracefully gliding through

the water. Not sure of what to accept, I stepped inside to discover a

world of comfort. The bed sheets were pure cotton, unlike my worn out

linen ones back home, and the whole boat smelt of freshly picked

flowers. My ticket didn't allow me to go onto the top floor but I

managed to have a brisk walk around before being asked to return. The

interior was mainly dark oak, with huge mirrors hanging from the

ceiling to floor. Before I was sent back to my room, I took a look

through the double glass doors leading to the main dining room. What a

magnificent sight! Fine porcelain china being laid onto the huge

tables. Tiffany lamps centred on each table too. The most humungous

chandelier in the centre of the room made the light dance across the

richly coloured walls. I would have given anything to be first class

but I was lucky to even have a place aboard the ship.

Walking down the stairs to my deck I passed a piece of paper

carelessly dropped onto the floor. Out of curiosity I picked it up and

unfolded it to find a note scribbled down. I couldn't believe my eyes!

It said, 'Icebergs ahead'. This immediately rang alarms bells, what

would happen if the boat hit an iceberg and sank? I needed to talk to

someone about what I had found. Who? I didn't know anybody aboard this

ship and I hadn't even seen my roommate yet! Rushing back to my room I

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